August 25, 2023

Quick Extender Pro is the best penis extender for penis enlargement or straightening. Its advantages:

  1. Light weight, easy to put on and carry
  2. It has many accessories for comfort and functionality
  3. It is universal and suitable for any man.
  4. It is made of medical steel and plastic
  5. It is recommended by doctors and causes no discomfort or side effects if used correctly.
  6. There is a separate package for penis straightening
  7. It has springs of 3000, 3500 and 4000 grams and really effectively stretches the penis

You can be sure that this extender will help you enlarge your penis painlessly and in the shortest possible time. Learn how to use Quick Extender Pro step by step. His DSS system is Double Strap Support provides double attachment to the penis with silicone tubes and special pads. In the package you will have many different rods of different lengths to fine-tune the extender.

The extender itself is not afraid of water, it is easy to wash and clean and it will last a long time. You do not need to buy any additional accessories if you buy the Deluxe package Limited standard .

For penis enlargement, this system uses the penis method. traction . Those. your penis tissue is subjected to a constant pulling force that causes tissue cells to divide and create new ones. This is how new tissue is formed and you can achieve the effect of penis enlargement.

Some men manage to increase the penis by 3 inches in length and 1 inch in width.

How to use this device

How to use Quick Extender Pro pictures How to wera Quick Extender Pro How to use QUick Extender Pro. User manual

  1. First you need to measure your penis in order to know its exact length. You will need these measurements in order to set the length of the rods on the extender at the rate of +4 cm to the length of your penis. The original length of the extender is 3.6 inches.
  2. After you have measured your penis and picked up the rods, screw them onto the device. So it will be set correctly in length
  3. Now you need to select Foam pads or Memory foam pads for silicone tube use. These accessories will help you to carry the device more comfortably. Since when you wear it, you experience pressure on the head of the penis, friction of the device lock with the head of the penis occurs. Comfort pads are used to avoid side effects or discomfort.
  4. We also recommend using Band Aid under the silicone loop. Wrap this patch around your penis for a more comfortable wearing experience.
  5. In the package with the device there will be rods of different lengths – large, medium and small. You can use a combination of rods to set the exact length. Over time, you will wind the barbell 0.5 cm every week to increase the length of the device. Your penis gets used to the constant load, so it needs to be increased in order to achieve penis tissue growth. This applies to both length and tension.
  6. You can adjust the tension with the tension screws near the extender base
  7. The initial thrust of the extender is 600 gr. If you regularly add 0.5 cm rods, then in a month the load will increase to 800 gr. This is important so that the load always grows over time. By the 4-6th month of using the device, you will reach a traction force of 1500 g
  8. To put on the device, insert the penis into the ring
  9. Squeeze the device to compress
  10. Pull the head of the penis into each ring so that the skin of the penis is not caught under the loop
  11. Tighten each loop and gradually release the springs of the Quick Extender Pro device
  12. You will feel a pull – you should be comfortable, but you should feel a pull
  13. Make sure the loops are tight enough so that the penis does not slip out of the device, while the loop should not be so tight that blood does not flow to the penis
  14. You must now wear the device for at least 30 minutes for the first time, then remove and massage your penis
  15. Then you have to put it back on
  16. Use the extender program, in which you can wear the device for only 1-3 hours a day in the first week, then 6 hours. Experienced users can wear the device for 6-8 hours after a year
  17. To remove the device, loosen the hinges and remove the support piece
  18. After a while, you will learn how to put on and take off the extender quickly.
  19. Be sure to make sure that you do not experience pain while wearing the device. Otherwise, you need to remove the extender and do a penis massage
  20. Do not miss sleeping with the device, it is dangerous and the consequences can be unpredictable
  21. If you start noticing any penis redness or blistering, stop wearing the extender for a while and schedule the next time you wear the device. Reduce it and reduce the load.
  22. You can use the Jelqing and Kegels techniques to add variety to your routine.
  23. Using the penis pump for at least 15 minutes a day is recommended to strengthen the erection and disperse the blood. Also, pumping is great for stretching the penis using an extender.
  24. Regularly record your changes and measurements, how you feel and when you use the device. Your routine is very important, stick to it and wear the extender daily
  25. Make sure that the skin of the penis does not get under the loop. Check your settings. Getting skin under the loop on the head of the penis can cause discomfort
  26. Cut off the excess ends of the silicone loop so that you can comfortably wear the extender in your underwear
  27. The extender itself can be used both at home and on the street. It does not hinder your movements, it is not noticeable under clothes. Its use will be invisible

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