Our mission

We, the members of the American Center for Fathers and Children, hereby commit ourselves and our efforts to the development of a family law system, legislative framework, and public awareness campaign that promotes equal rights for ALL parties impacted by divorce, the dissolution of a family, or the establishment of paternity. We firmly believe that through our active engagement and unwavering dedication, we can make a positive impact on the emotional and psychological well-being of children.

We advocate for equal, shared parenting time or joint custody as the preferred custody arrangement.

We hold that the ideal situation involves both biological parents as primary caregivers.

We support the rights of grandparents to have access to and visitation rights with their grandchildren.

We stand against gender bias in family law and in future legislative endeavors.

We believe BOTH biological parents should share the responsibility for the emotional, psychological, and financial well-being of their children.

We champion the principles of fairness and equity in providing support to ALL families. We affirm that all children within blended families should enjoy equal rights and deserve equal protection under the law.

We assert that child support orders should be reasonable, reflecting the actual costs of a child’s basic needs and considering both parents’ contributions in a shared parenting plan.

We maintain that when parents are granted equal rights, they will naturally assume equal responsibility. When parents have equitable access to their children and support arrangements are realistic, reflecting the true cost of raising a child, parents will be more inclined to comply with court orders.

We firmly believe that by establishing fairness in our legal system, the inherent conflicts in divorce situations will diminish, ultimately providing the greatest gift we, as parents, can bestow upon our children.

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