November 9, 2022

Do you want to buy the best penis pump?

Then your choice should be verified and accurate so that you can solve your problem with erectile dysfunction or sexual stamina. Or maybe with small penis size? You may have many questions about choosing the best pump in 2022.

I must say right away that penis pumps can be effective and safe. I will prove it to you in this review. I have tried the pumps I talk about here, so this is not just an overview of functions and characteristics but concrete impressions and results that I received personally.

It ‘s about the pump considered the best on the market, Bathmate’s HydroXtreme, its Penomet counterpart, is a category of hydro pumps. In the category of air pumps in this review Androvacuum and the most classic pump.

There are hundreds of pumps on the market. Can any of them be called the best? Undoubtedly! In my review, you will know about this, and your choice will definitely be the right one.

I will tell you how to weed out almost everyone who does not meet the criteria for quality and efficiency for choosing a good pump. And there are only a few left.

I will also talk about the types of pumps – air and hydro. You will learn why air pumps were yesterday and hydro pumps Bathmate have revolutionized the market. The most technologically advanced pump of 2022 in different series. All links to these pumps are in the video description.

But first, let’s answer the following 8 questions:

  1. What is a pump for?
  2. Will it be effective for me personally?
  3. What problems can I get rid of, and how quickly?
  4. Can there be side effects, and what?
  5. What is the difference between penis pumps?
  6. How long should it be used?
  7. What should be the program to use the pump?
  8. How to choose a penis pump for your size and is it necessary?

So let’s go in order.

1. What is a penis pump for?

The main function of a penis pump is to get a quick erection. Creating a vacuum inside the penis tube provokes increased blood circulation to the penis, and in just a few minutes, you will have a strong erection for sex. You can extend it by putting a special ring on the penis at the very base of the penis. It will retain the blood that caused the erection.

In addition, the pump can also:

– relieve you of erectile dysfunction in case of long-term and constant use – improve your sexual stamina – increase your excitability and increase desire – increase your erection in size. Yes, it’s about penis enlargement

2. Will it work for me personally?

The question of efficiency concerns each man individually. If you use the penis pump according to the instructions, choose a quality and proven device and follow the pump’s routine if you are willing to devote 10-15 minutes to pumping daily.

Then, you can not even doubt the effectiveness of the penis pump. The main thing is to choose a technological device. Today it is a hydro penis pump. To use it, you need to draw warm water into the tube of the penis, and the vacuum will be created so that the water will become its conductor. Today it is the safest way to use a vacuum, which works flawlessly, does not cause discomfort, and has no side effects. The only representative of this class is Bathmate, with its line of pumps Hydro 7, HydroMax, and HydroXtreme.

3. What problems can I get rid of, and how quickly?

Many men have erectile dysfunction, but many also find that their erection is not strong enough or weakens quickly. As a result, it is simply impossible to have sex, or it ends too quickly. This cannot be tolerated, but only get rid of the problem. Among the natural ways to get rid of erection problems is penis pumping.

This kind of fitness makes him stronger, more resilient, and stronger. Men who regularly use pumps and do it with the best device notice pretty fast and impressive results. In 35 days, I managed to strengthen my erection and increase my penis by 2.7 cm. Of course, the result was not immediately fixed and it took me another 3 months to make it permanent. But the fact itself – getting rid of erectile dysfunction and penis enlargement – is the result you can achieve without doctors, drugs, and surgery.

4. Can there be side effects from using penis pumps, and what are they?

The use of penis pumps may be associated with side effects. It does not matter which pump you use if you do not act according to the instructions or violate the rules of use. You should know the main thing – strict adherence to the rules of operation reduces the risks of using penis pumps.

That being said, of course, we’re only talking about quality pumps, not the ones you can buy for $30 on Aliexpress. At the same time, I will say right away that air pumps under any circumstances can negatively affect the condition of your penis. This is because the vacuum can negatively affect the mucous membrane of the penis.

You may develop dark spots due to broken capillaries, and blisters and redness may also appear. None of this will happen if you use a hydraulic pump. He is Bathmate in any of his series. And all because water is the best conductor of vacuum, it allows it to affect the entire shaft of the penis evenly and smooth out the vacuum effect.

It has a healing, vacuum-enhancing effect. Therefore, with proper use, when you do not exceed the pump limit, which is up to 20 minutes a day, you can count on complete safety and comfort in using the Bathmate penis pump . That’s why a hydro pump is the best penis pump. It is safe and works much more efficiently than air pumps, and its regular use also affects the size of your erect penis.

5. What is the difference between the best penis pumps?

First of all, penis pumps are distinguished by their technology. While air pumps require air and vacuum, hydro pumps require water in the tube before creating a vacuum.

Now let’s talk about how the vacuum is created in air pumps. It can be the automatic creation of a vacuum both in technology from Androvacuum and manual – a standard modification of any pump. Moreover, the automatic creation of a vacuum is considered smoother and recommended for beginners. You can’t hurt yourself by creating a vacuum. Turn off the pump as soon as you feel enough vacuum strength and add it as it can weaken.

Manual pumping is considered quite dangerous for those who have not yet trained their penis with constant pumping. After all, you control the vacuum and create it with the help of a special pear.

Penis air pumps can be equipped with an electronic display that can show the current pressure, the pressure just added. It may seem convenient, but they are usually supplied with Chinese-made pumps.

Moreover, all air pumps have only one tube size for any penis size. In terms of results and safety, this is not the best option since the size of the penis tube directly affects the quality of the vacuum. One size fits all is a one-size-fits-all solution, but not for everyone.

As for hydro pumps, there are only two manufacturers on the market – Bathmate and its copy Penomet. Moreover, the original product is exactly Bathmate. In the original, their technology is implemented best in the UK. This is the actual quality of materials and compliance with all medical standards in materials and technology. Penomet has almost withdrawn from the market due to poor product quality, service, and accessories.

There are also Chinese copies of Bathmate on Chinese sites, and there are various modifications of water pumps, even with a display. All this is more Chinese marketing and not about results and safety. I do not recommend using sites like Amazon, eBay , Aliexpress, or Alibaba to buy pumps. All manufacturers of quality pumps have their own official websites, like Bathmate, where you can buy a pump with an individual tube size, add the necessary accessories to your order and get an official quality guarantee and a refund.

At the same time, hydraulic pumps Bathmate may differ from each other. First, technology. For example, Hydro 7 – this first series of pumps differs from the other two newer series HydroMax and HydroXtreme in an improved system of operation, and the technology has been improved by 35%. This is both the result and efficiency and safety.

The size of the pumps, which are selected according to the size of the penis, may also differ ( length and width).

The HydroMax series differs from HydroXtreme in that there is only an automatic pumping mode in the first case, creating a vacuum. The HydroXtreme also connects to a manual pumping bulb, can be used without water, and has additional dimensions. It can be called the king of all penis pumps, as you can achieve incredible results with it – this concerns improving erections and penis enlargement.

As you can see, pumps can be different, and the selection must be considered according to such parameters as technology, design, additional options, accessories, and application method. I can’t imagine who else buys air pumps and tries to buy cheaper ones. If you intend to seriously deal with the issue of restoring your erection, well, even to create an urgent erection, it is important to use a device of medical origin. This is not a sex toy you can buy in the nearest sex shop, where many pumps are already sold. This is a device to combat erectile dysfunction, improve sexual stamina, increase blood flow to the penis and, as a result, increase erection.

How long should I use a penis pump to get results?

Here it is necessary to specify – for what result? If this is an urgent erection, you can achieve it after the first session. Moreover, often this erection will be larger than usual, and in the case of using a penis ring, it will also be longer than usual due to a powerful rush of blood to the penis. If we are talking about getting an erection back to its former strength, it may take a daily use of a pump like the Bathmate for several months.

Daily script for 15-20 minutes a day in the bath or shower. If we are talking about penis enlargement, we also need to use Jelqing and Kegels penis exercises. This may take another 10-20 minutes a day. Many exercises with them can be found on the forums, and watch videos on Youtube. Moreover, increasing the size of the penis works best with the help of extenders. They can be added to your penis enlargement routine. This means 15 minutes of use of the pump and up to 4-5 hours per day of the extender. You can look at my other reviews to select the best extender for your parameters and preferences.

What should be the program to use the pump?

Basic training is always in the instructions for the pump – this is the basis. Next, you should plan your pumping program, taking into account the use of additional: exercises for the penis or extender. You can also take erection pills to enhance the result, speed it up and make your erectile dysfunction or penis enlargement program even more effective. The forums have a lot of their own programs from pump users. The best one is using the Bathmate penis pump for about 20 minutes daily and Jelqing and Kegels exercises. Moreover, my HydroXtreme package immediately comes with instructions for exercises and a lubricant. This approach is the best for achieving results and is quite simple. If you connect an extender to your routine, then this is only if you are going to increase or straighten your penis.

How to choose the best pump for your penis size and goals

Pump selection should primarily be based on technology – air or hydro pump. Next, you need to decide on its principle of operation – electrical or mechanical. Well, then carry out the selection with the available options – for example, if it is possible to choose the size of the pump, and its configuration and purchase accessories that are not included in the package. For example, when buying a Bathmate HydroXtreme I:

  •  picked up the size of the pump. I have this 7- added HydroVibe to the order for a more pleasant use of the pump
  •  I bought 3 different rings for the penis in addition – I bought a trimmer to shave the pubis cleanly

Yes, my purchase receipt grew, but I didn’t need anything else for the next 6 months. I know that I have chosen the best pump. Technologically advanced, I can use it mechanically and switch to a pear. Sometimes I use it even without water. I have a convenient case. The pump does not require recharging. Batteries are excellent autonomous devices, even with the best quality of work. Technology, personalization, safety, and fast results – I regularly use Bathmate to prevent my erectile activity and conclusions.

In this video, I tried to tell you the best pump and how to determine the best one for yourself, considering your individual characteristics and the tasks you set for yourself.

Know that a penis pump is not only used to get a quick erection. It can be a versatile device that will replace your standard use of various erectile dysfunction drugs. You should definitely know that this natural and natural way to improve erections works for millions of men around the world.

But how effective pumping will be for you depends on the correct choice of the device and the program for its use. Please choose the best product, which I think, as a user, is Bathmate.

The best model – HydroXtreme 7 is suitable for beginners and, later, for experienced pump users. You can initially not use a pear, and it will be HydroMax, and when you connect it,

HydroXtreme has unlimited pumping possibilities.

I left links to purchase the device in the official online store under this video’s description.

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