Penis enlargement is possible without surgery. penis technique traction was originally created to straighten the penis. As defined on Mayo Clinic penis traction is the process of stretching the penis with the help of a special device that allows you to create pressure on the tissues of the penis by stretching. The pressure itself must be constant, with a certain force acting for a long time. At the same time, such pressure must be used regularly, and its strength must increase over time so that the tissues continue to grow.

All this is described by the physical pressure processes of cytokinesis, mitosis and meiosis. In this Quick Extender Pro review I will share my experience with this device.

Quick Extender Pro design

There are different types of penis extenders, the Quick Extender Pro is a classic, yet its design is unique and thoughtful so that you feel comfortable wearing this device while still performing at its best.

Quick device design Extender Pro has all the main features of traction devices that use:

  • tension springs
  • tension screws
  • iron bars
  • belt, silicone loop
  • support platform for the head of the penis
  • the base ring into which the penis is inserted
  • accessories for comfortable wearing of the device

The main advantages of this extender over others

  1. Quick Extender Pro review is very light and can be worn for a long time without pain.
  2. The classic design of the device ensures a high-quality implementation of the penis technique traction , scientifically proven to be effective and featured in the National Library of Medicine
  3. The extender implements its own development – DSS technology , which is designed to ensure a secure fastening of the head of the penis in the device so that it does not slip out while being worn.
  4. In the Quick system Extender Pro uses different types of pads for comfort – Comfort Pads and Memory Foam pads . They provide comfort while wearing the device, because friction occurs in the place where the silicone loop holds the head of the penis. It is very gentle and despite the fact that the silicone tube itself is made of medical materials, the Quick system Extender Pro creates pressure that helps stretch the tissues of the penis, which means that in the place where this pressure is greatest (where the silicone loop holds the head of the penis) the greatest discomfort will occur. So here’s the special Comfort pads and memory Foam Pads can protect your penis from excessive discomfort. The longer you wear it, the faster you will get results.
  5. No bacterial infections
    Due to the fact that the system uses medical materials and also contains breathable Comfort Pads and Memory Foam pads , you are protected from the risk of bacterial infections. This is a fairly common problem that occurs due to the fact that the head of the penis is open while wearing the device and bacterial growth can occur under the silicone loop.
  6. On the official website of Quick Extender Pro, you can purchase one of the 4 extender packages. They differ in the set of accessories, such as the power of the springs, as well as the number of accessories. In any case, you can choose the right package for the price and content, as well as the purpose. Let me remind you that extenders can be used as tools for penis enlargement as well as alignment.
  7. Buying a Quick Extender Pro you will know for sure that with it you will achieve results, because it is clinically proven. According to research, after 6 months of using the device, you can increase your penis size by 28%. Moreover, the result will be not only an increase in the length of the penis, but also its width.

What is Quick Extender Pro? My review

Penis stretching device Quick Extender Pro was developed in 2007 by a company based in the USA. Moreover, the production itself is located in the Canal. Today the device is the most effective, easy to use, comfortable and inexpensive in its category.

By purchasing this device you receive a quality guarantee and a money back guarantee. At the same time, the website has a support phone number, and most orders are shipped free of charge worldwide.

Also, right on the website today you can get a 20% discount on the purchase of an extender.

Quick Extender Pro features

  1. The device is very functional and can be easily adjusted to fit your penis
  2. Also, the quality of materials is at the highest level, every detail is thought out and made from the best medical materials. For example, all rods in the system are made of ultra-light and ultra-strong aluminum
  3. The device also comes with precise instructions and a program of use, including an adaptation period that lasts 2 weeks.
  4. The device will be invisible when worn under clothing
  5. It is important for me that while wearing the device, I do not experience discomfort and generally forget about it. Also, all my original settings are saved throughout the entire period of wearing Quick Extender Pro
  6. I bought the biggest deluxe device package Limited Edition , it has everything you need to fine-tune the device, lots of rods, the biggest pressure springs, as well as a penis pump and lots of Comfort pads and memory Foam pads
  7. It is important for me that I can wear the penis stretching device not only at home, but also go out with it. For example, driving a car or sitting at an office desk at work. I take it with me when I go on a business trip or travel

Quick Extender Pro Packages

Quick Extender Pro is available in 4 different device packages, they differ in content and purpose. Now I will talk about their real differences.

  1. Value Edition
    This is the simplest and most inexpensive device package that includes just a couple of Comfort pads , minimum set of rods and springs with a pressure of 3000 gr. In general, such a set of accessories will be enough for several months if you handle the extender carefully. But then you will definitely want to buy more rods, additional springs up to 4000 gr, as well as Comfort Pads and Memory Foam pads
  2. deluxe Standard edition
    This package is already more functional and includes a much larger set of accessories, while the price differs by only $50. I recommend buying this particular medium package, as it includes a sufficient number of important accessories – more rods, more Comfort pads and stronger springs
  3. deluxe Limited edition
    I am the owner of this very powerful package. It has everything you might need to work with the extender and in the right amount. It even includes a penis pump and the most powerful springs 4000 g
  4. Quick Extender Pro Curvature and Peyronies edition
    If your main goal is to straighten your penis, Quick Extender Pro would be the best solution. The special package of the device is designed to straighten your penis even if its curvature is more than 20 degrees. Initially, devices of this type were designed specifically for straightening the penis. It doesn’t matter which way your penis is bent, you can correct the curvature effectively and fairly quickly. For this purpose, the package uses 4000 g springs, and also contains the most comfortable Memory Foam pads .

How Quick Extender Pro works

The system is designed to stretch your flaccid penis efficiently and with the right level of comfort.

  1. You must correctly measure the size of your penis in order to wind the required number of rods. The base length of the extender with rods is 9 cm or 1.6 inches. At the same time, to calculate your user size you need to subtract 4 cm from the size of the erect penis. This will be your user size , now just add rods based on what the device’s base length is.
  2. Next you need to decide what comfort pads you will use – these will be Comfort Pads or Memory Foam pads
  3. You also need to decide how many silicone tubes you will use – one or two. I only use one because the length of my flaccid penis is so short (14.5cm)
  4. If you use 2 silicone loops, then first thread one, tighten, and then tighten the second loop
  5. If everything is ready – stretch your penis so that more blood goes to it and start putting on the extender by inserting it into the base of the device
  6. Next, you need to compress the extender, i.e. its springs in order to create the necessary compression, now put the penis through the silicone loops with one hand, and tighten them with the other
  7. Now you can decompress the extender springs. Try not to tighten the loops too much so that they do not squeeze the penis too much.
  8. When you decompress the springs, the necessary decompression will occur. Look at the lines on the bar, you should only see 2, not 3. This is an indication of the initial pressure of 600 gr. If you see 3 lines, the pressure is zero. If only one line – the pressure can be more than 800 gr
  9. You can wear the extender at any angle from 180 degrees. I always wear the extender down, make sure that it doesn’t squeeze anything and your baby doesn’t get into the structure
  10.                 The same thing needs to be checked so that the skin of the penis does not fall under the silicone loop. It can give you an uncomfortable feeling.
  11.                 Pay attention to the pressure created, it should be comfortable. The base of the penis should fit snugly against the pubic area, and the silicone tube should be inserted into the Comfort Pad , should securely hold the head of the penis
  12.                 Try to put on underwear and see if it will be comfortable for you to walk with it, if the extender will not fall off the penis
  13.                 Periodically while wearing the device, you need to check its settings to make sure that you are not wasting time. Sometimes the penis can fall out of the device, which means there is no traction
  14.                 Be sure to write down how much you wore the extender on a given day. Measure your penis and record your progress. Keep a journal using the device and make all the notes to understand the dynamics of working with the device.
  15.                 Every hour you will have to remove the device to disperse the blood. You will also have to remove the device completely to go to the toilet.
  16.                 Every day you need to wear the device for at least 3 hours, while the first results you will see no earlier than in a month. You can take 1-2 days off per week, as breaks are needed for effective penis growth.
  17.                 Also, you should know that every week or two you need to wind a new barbell 0.5 cm.
  18.                 Also, to slightly adjust the pressure, you can unscrew the tension screws, this is tantamount to winding the rods. However, you are limited by the length of the base rods that you can unscrew

Penis straightening

Various techniques are used to straighten the penis. At the same time, mitosis and cytokinesis resemble work on a set of muscles. With Quick Extender Pro system appear micro tissue tears. Subsequently, these gaps are filled with new scar tissue. It is formed as a result of healing. The cell nucleus is divided into two parts, while creating a new nucleus similar to the original one.

In this way, new tissue grows to allow more blood to pass through. Thus, you fight penis curvature and at the same time increase it, establish a healthy erection. In order for this process to develop, you need to constantly stretch the tissue with a certain force, regularly, moreover, so that the process of cell division and growth of new tissue does not stop, the force with which you act on the tissue must be increased. That’s why it’s so important to screw on new rods .

At the same time, the effectiveness of this penis technique traction is determined by the balance you strike between power and comfort. You will not achieve results if the use of the extender is accompanied by pain.

In this case, too weak traction will be ineffective. It will also not be efficient to use the same level of tension.

Quick Extender Pro vs. others extenders SizeGenetics, Penimaster Chrome

If we compare Quick Extender Pro with other extenders in the rod strap category such as SizeGenetics or Penimaster Chrome . The first one has advantages:

  1. Quick Extender Pro has 2 penis attachment points, not just one like the classic SizeGenetics device
  2. Quick Extender Pro has the best accessories for comfort. SizeGenetics only includes M 3 patch and also Cohesive Gauze when purchasing the Ultimate Ultimatum Pack
  3. Quick booms Extender Pro are made from aluminum, which is much lighter than the steel used to make the SizeGenetics and Penimaster bars. Chrome
  4. The silicone loop is considered to be a more secure attachment than the strap, which often slips out.

Quick Extender Pro vs Phallosan Forte vs Penimaster PRO

If we compare Quick Extender Pro with vacuum devices like Phallosan Forte and Penimaster PRO , then for vacuum devices, the time to get the result is significantly inferior to classic extenders. Those. you will wear Phallosan Forte longer than Quick Extender Pro _ This is offset by the increased comfort of the devices that hold the head of the penis in the vacuum chamber.

At the same time, the vacuum devices themselves are very delicate and you constantly need to buy expensive accessories for them. As a rule, men want to get results faster, so they use rod-strap extenders.

Why Use a Penis Pump with Quick Extender Pro ?

Penis pump included with Deluxe package Limited edition . Why is it needed? If you are stretching your penis with an extender, a pumping routine will add variety to the effort it takes to stretch the tissues of the penis. The vacuum pump helps not only improve erection, but also tissue tension.

At the same time, I would still recommend in addition to Quick Extender Pro use the Bathmate pump as it is a water pump and works much better than the air pump that comes with the extender.

Quick Extender Pro and Jelqing

Stretching the penis with an extender and pumping the penis are excellent conditions for a penis enlargement program. But that is not all. If you can add Jelqing to your routine , it will greatly improve your results. You can read about these techniques on many forums, there are tutorials ready. You need to choose those exercises that you will do well and combine them. All of them are aimed at improving blood flow to the penis and help stretch the tissues of the penis. If you are using Quick Extender Pro , it is best for you to do Jelqing at least 10-15 minutes a day and all this will improve both the result itself and the speed of getting it.


Why you should choose Quick Extender Pro ?

Because it is the most efficient, comfortable and functional device on the market. Since 2007, he has earned the fame of a working tool for penis enlargement and straightening. Its effectiveness has been proven and its comfort to wear makes it a leader in its category of devices.

Are there any side effects from using the device?

In fact, side effects can be after using any of the extenders. If you use Chinese devices, this may be due to poor quality materials, assembly, design of the extender. If you buy a quality device that has clinical evidence of effectiveness and safety, then side effects are excluded if you use it according to the instructions and follow the penis enlargement strategy.

Which device package is better to buy?

All 4 packages of the device differ in their functional content, price and number of accessories. Of course, you can buy the cheapest package Value edition for $119 and get a 20% discount on it. But I would suggest you buy the maximum deluxe package Limited edition in terms of long-term use of the penis extender.

In this case, it is important for you to have a sufficient number of rods of different lengths ( small , medium , long ), you will also need Comfort Pads or Memory Foam Pads , you will definitely want to use the most powerful 4000gr springs that come with this pack over time.

If you want to use Quick Extender Pro to straighten your penis – then buy Peyronies and curvature . In it as well as in the Deluxe package Limited come with 4000 gr springs and even Memory Foam pads .

How to avoid discomfort while wearing an extender?

It is true that even the most comfortable extenders can be painful to wear. At the same time, pain and discomfort occur only when you use an inappropriate, low-quality device for yourself with incorrect settings and non-compliance with the wearing rules.

What are these rules?

  1. You can not wear the extender experiencing pain. Reconsider the settings of the device – the length of the rods, the correctness of wearing, the tissues of the penis should not fall into the moving parts of the device
  2. You need to remove the extender when you go to the toilet completely
  3. It is necessary to take breaks, look after the state of the head of the penis, if you need to unclench the silicone tube and massage the penis
  4. You also need to try not to overdo it in wearing the device.
  5. Do not use Quick Extender Pro while sleeping
  6. At least 1-2 days a week do not use the device
  7. Regularly supplement the penis enlargement program with pumping and Jelqing exercises

How long to wait for results?

I have been using this extender for more than a year and I saw the first results in a month. It was a minimal increase in the width of the penis, then in length. After about 2 months, the results became more impressive – the growth of the penis by about 0.5 inches. Moreover, the growth of the penis was proportional.

And the length and width of the penis systematically increased.
I saw real noticeable penis growth at the 3rd month of use – it was about plus 1 inch. Then for another 4 months I observed a stable growth of the penis in length and width. These were impressive results, around the 7th month I saw a stop in the growth of the penis. Quite a sharp stop of results for about 1.5 months.

I already thought that I had reached my limit and 2.5 inches would not work anymore.
In fact, everything worked out. At 9 months I saw penis growth again and for 12.5 months I am still gaining. Now it is 3.3 inches and hopefully the growth will not stop.


James Carlton - I am a blogger and medical specialist. I write my reviews on penile devices and male enhancement supplements