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This page contains links to useful government websites.  Further down you will find links to helpful legal research sites.  If you come across links you think would be useful to our readers please email us athttp://www.info@acfc.org/.

Links to Federal Government Sites:

Note: Links are provided for research purposes.
No endorsement of any program or link is implied.
ACFC does not provide legal advice, this material is provided for informational purposes only.  Contact an attorney regarding application to your specific case or concerns.

Key Search Engines:

Thomas Legislative Information
Villanova Center for Information Law and Policy
Search U.S. Code
Government Printing Office
      Cornell Law Library
      Findlaw Website
Search the Code of Federal Regulations

Links to Specific Agencies:

Department of Justice
CDC - Centers for Disease Control
DHHS - Department of Health and Human Services Homepage
DHHS Administration for Children and Families
DHHS Child Support Homepage
FEC - Federal Election Commission
IRS - Internal Revenue Service
NCHS - National Center for Health Statistics

U.S. Department of Census
U.S. Department of Education
U.S. Department of State

Researchers Links on Issues:

Bureau of Justice Statistics (DOJ)- Criminal data and more.
NCHS Monthly Vital Statistics Reports- marriage,divorce,illegitimacy,child support data.

Legal Links:

The sites below are provided for your convenience, no endorsement of any program or link is implied.

Versus Law Many of the legal citations published on the ACFC site have been provided pro-bono by Versuslaw. It is the best online law resource we have found, covering both federal and state case law. Versuslaw is nearly as good as what attorneys use, yet at a tiny fraction of the cost. If you are acting pro se, or need to do some legal research on a fairly extensive casefile database, this is the place to look. Versuslaw has a free two-week trial period.
Shepard's Citations
You can check the supremacy of your case cites here for a nominal fee.
Nolo Press
You can purchase and download self-help books and valuable information here. Pro-se litigants can learnabout trial advocacy here.
Find Forms
Pro se attorneys can find legal forms here.
Probably the best free site to find case cites, US code, more, although it is not exhaustive by any means. Attorneys, books, news, links, more.
ABA Lawlink Links to all state courts on the web, U.S. Courts of Appeals (by district), International law sites, and various law research site.
Internet Legal Resource Guide Lawrunner search engine, law forms, law journals, links.
Law Crawler Includes searching of Government Departments, US Code, Federal Regulations, Supreme Court and Circuit Court Cases. State code search is available.
Law Guru
An extensive collection of law links to useful resources, including . Online Legal Forms
Legal Information Institute
Maintained by the Cornell University Law Department