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Press Releases

ACFC issues press releases on topics of interest in the areas of divorce, custody and child support.   These releases typically provide unique perspectives on subjects currently in the public realm.  They are designed to inform, educate and illuminate mulitple target audiences for the purpose of furthering public dialogue with the goal of encouraging improvement in family law.

Art Rock Band Blue October Releases New Album 'Any Man In America.'  - August 2011

Platinum selling artists Blue October lastest album chronicles founder and lead singer Justing Furstenfeld's experience in trying to remain a part of daughter's life.  Band initiates forty city tour in support of Shared Parenting.

Guilty Until Proven Innocent Film Debuts in Washington, DC - July 2011

GUPI documentary premieres at historic Avalon Theatre in Washington, DC.  Washington Post columnist Janice D'arcy says film should be the start of national debate on family court practices. www.gupifilm.com

Guilty Until Proven Innocent Family Court Documentary Released - June 2011

Filmmaker Janks Morton releases long awaited documentary detailing father's experiences in family courts.  The exposé chronicles five fathers experiences and the difficulties legislators face in attempting to change laws to protect children's relationships with both parents in the event of divorce or unmarried parentage.  www.gupifilm.com

Craig Schelske and Sara Evana Returning to Court - May 2011

Craig Schelske and ex wife country music star Sara Evans are returning to court as Schelske seeks more time with children while Evans tours to support latest album

Ohio Child Support Class Action Lawsuit - May 2011

A class action lawsuit against the Ohio Department of Jobs and Family Services is filed claiming the state has over withheld approximately $200 million from over 114,000 individuals in a massive and deliberate overcharging scheme.

Carl LaBove Release - February 2011

Comedian Carl LaBove ordered to pay child support for Sam Kinison’s child: Carl will request court hearing to examine existing DNA proof of Kinison paternity

ACFC Files Brief in Elian Gonzalez Case Supporting INS Position - January 200

The American Coalition for Fathers and Children files brief in support of Elian Gonzalez case as a federal immigration case, not a family law/court action.  ACFC lays out the statutory basis for child's return to father as a matter of federal law.

Emerging Second Wives Movement Condems Ill Treatment of Fathers in Family Court - Jan. 1999

Second wives are tired of their families being considered second class when it comes to divorce, child custody and support issues.  Calls court treatment of fathers unconscionable.