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January 31, 2012 - For decades the Center for Disease Control has been considered a reliable source of information on a variety of topics having to do with the health of America’s citizens.  Recently however the CDC released a report that has many wondering if the agency has lost its reputation as an impartial provider of data.

CDC’s report titled: ‘The National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey’ takes a look at the prevalence of sexual assault and abuse in society.  It’s fair to ask how this relates to matters of divorce and child custody.  Many men going through divorce have allegations of abuse leveled against them.   Family law literature repeatedly notes the harmful effect of false allegations when used as a tactic to remove a fit parent from the life of their children. 

This particular report inflates the data to such a degree as to raise serious questions of whether the CDC is being used to promote political and ideological agendas.  It paints a portrait of America as a society full of abusers and victims by expanding definitions of abuse to the point that each citizen is potentially one or the other, or at different times in life, both.  Author Christina Hoff-Summers published this editorial in the Washington Post last week regarding the study.  Her observations raise serious concerns about what appears to be another building block in the social engineering program around the issue of domestic violence. 

The Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) is up for renewal again.  This piece of legislation has had many negative unintended consequences for families and relationships between men and women.  Members of the United States Senate are attempting to deal with those consequences.  Using inaccurate reports from agencies like the CDC to drive ideologically motivated legislative agendas affecting men, women and children is a disservice to all citizens.