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10.17.2011 Brockton, Ma. - The Child Support Cowboys strike again.  In a scene straight out of the Wild West (or East) a father-son team of Brockton constables showed up at Trinity Catholic Academy last week prepared to battle an unarmed man.  The Loomis' arrived at Trinity Armed with a civil arrest warrant for George A. Haikal for unpaid child support.  The constables were apparently lying-in-wait for Haikal to deliver his children for classes. 

From news reports we read constables engaged Haikal's near the school's child filled playground.  When Haikal's reportedly argued with the Loomis' about exiting the car while his children were still in the back seat and not yet inside the school, the younger Loomis apparently pulled out a handgun and pointed it at Haikal's head,  WITH HAIKAL'S CHILDREN STILL IN THE CAR.  Even the keystone cops would have asked for the keys to the car before executing the old Glock to the temple stunt.  

Just what is going on here?  The Loomis team apparently have quite a reputation as being caped crusaders determined to make the world a safer place by protecting the public from citizens allegedly owing back child support.  Let's see...we have a couple of individuals licensed, and assumably trained, to carry firearms and they are pulling them on school property in front of children in their zealous attempt to 'capture' these kid's dad.  Apparently the Cowboys gave no thought to the trauma they caused not only Haikal's children but the other 100 plus children outside the school that day. 

Is this what the government ultimately had in mind when it embarked on a policy of separating kid's from one of their divorcing parents, primarily their fathers, and then calling that in the 'best interest of the child?'  Article comments are indicating Haikal had it coming to him because he owed back support.  We have to wonder though, wouldn't everyone, the Child Support Cowboys included, be better off if we gave children of divorce the benefit of a full and unfettered relationship with both parents rather than leaving them with one parent and a visitor?  When a considerable sector of the public thinks 'Haikal had it coming to him' rather than considering the impact of the Child Support Cowboys actions on the kids at the school citizen's have all the proof needed of government's successful social engineering around child support. 

We are not attempting to defend parents who have the ability to pay support and choose not to, we are questioning the child support bureaucracies policies and procedures which encourage this type of lawless behavior by government's own agents.  By the governments statistics over 70% of all child support arrearages are owed by parents earning less than $10,000 per year.  Some 94% of arrears are owed by people who earn less than $25,000 per year.  Perhaps the problem lies more with the profiteers who benefit when parents are separated from their children than the parent's who are fed up with a government that condones such actions. 

Oh yes, and what was that bounty the Child Support cowboys generate for their reckless behavior, $72.00.