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This past Friday night Blue October continued their 40 city tour with a show at The Fillmore in the Washington, DC suburb of Silver Spring, Md.  Blue October lead singer Justin Furstenfeld has been endorsing Shared Parenting as the band tours in support of its latest album 'Any Man in America.'  AMIA chronicles Furstenfeld's experiences in the family courts and the trials of remaining a part of his young daughter's life.

Pictured from left to right are ACFC's Mike McCormick, Blue October's Justin Furstenfeld and Maryland Delegate Jill Carter.  For seven years Del. Carter has sponsored legislation which calls for equally shared parenting of Maryland's children in the event of divorce.  Del. Carter spoke with the audience before the show about the issues.  Her words were warmly received by the crowd.  ACFC has been working with our local affiliates across the nation inviting legislators to attend the shows so they see first hand the broad support for Shared Parenting. 

Blue October is winding up this part of their US tour in a couple of weeks then heading to Europe to spread the Shared Parenting message.  Blue October recently set up a website called Any Man in America where fans can leave messages for their kids and share their thoughts on improving family law.  Go there and share your ideas.