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If you're on this page it's most likely because you or someone you know and care about is going through divorce, experiencing child custody issues or dealing with a child support agency.  You might also be dealing with relocation issues or you may have been falsely accused of spousal or child abuse.  Or you may already be past your court case and dealing with issues of access interference and parental alienation.  Over 1 million children experience their parents breakup each year.  A contested divorce and child custody case can bring out the worst in people.  We've created a couple of resources that may help you understand the process and provide you with a fresh perspective on what is taking place during this period of upheaval in your life. 

You will also want to check out the resources and education links at the bottom of the homepage for more useful information.  There you will find links on legal research sites, beneficial studes, other websites dealing with specific aspects of divorce, child support, custody and alienation. and links to government sources of information. 

Finally, there are two facebook pages you'll want to visit, like and follow.  We often post recent developments to our facebook pages first.  General issue information is posted at www.facebook.com/acfcorg.  We have a site specifically dedicated to child support issues at www.facebook.com/savetheturnips.

The ACFC Shared Parenting Tool Kit was originally published in 1996 and updated in 2008.  This 168 page guide contains invaluable information on a number of topics related to divorce and child custody.  The various section authors are leaders in their respective fields.  It would cost you thousands of dollars to acquire this information on your own.  Feel free to download the manual and refer to it regularly.  Click on the icon below to open the document.    

The following two brief papers were written to provide you with information to help you understand the family law and child support systems.  They provide a 'survey' of the history and development of our present system.   These summaries were originally written to be included in a 'workbook' to be used in seminar sessions offered through faith based communities.  Hence the questions interspersed throughout the content.  Click on the links to open each document.

Understanding the System - an overview of how child custody laws and practices developed in the United States over the past 120 years.  Who influences family law, and the role of government in family law.  A non-mainstream look at family law.

Child Support in America - this paper provides a narrative review of the development of child support systems and how they influence family law practices.  It also contains advice on what to be aware of as you navigate the child support world.