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Weekend Update

Dear Michael;

Weekend News

This week saw a couple of good things happen around the country related to family law.

This past Sunday, Blue October played in Denver, Colorado at the Ogden Theatre. There to promote the Shared Parenting message was constitutional lawyer Stanley Charles Thorne. Here is a link to photo’s from the show.

Last night Blue October played in Minneapolis, MN at the Fine House Music Café. Representative Peggy Scott, author of Minnesota’s Shared Parenting legislation, enthusiastically supported her comments on the need to reform family law. From left to right, this photo shows Rep. Scott, Justin Furstenfeld and Dawn and Bryan Ulrich. After the show Rep. Scott was heard to have said how pleased she was to have seen the broad support for Shared Parenting and how that support crossed multiple demographics. ACFC and its affiliates are working hard to positively impact family law around the nation. Hat’s off to our Minnesota affiliate the Center for Parental Responsibility for their effort in making last night a success.

Last Saturday CPR also hosted a screening of the film ‘Guilty Until Proven Innocent.’ Among the audience were three legislators. If you haven’t seen the film yet you can purchase a copy at www.gupifilm.com. Several individuals and groups have purchased multiple copies to give to their elected officials. The film shows family court through a father’s eyes. Additionally it offers suggestions on how to improve the system. Pick up a copy and share it, you’ll be glad you did.

On Wednesday Blue October publicly announced their new website, www.anymaninamerica.com. Visit the site and share your thoughts and comments.

Last week in Ohio, Butler County issued another of its ‘deadbeat’ child support obligor posters. Long time readers will recall this is the same county that sparked a national outrage several years ago when it posted obligors photos on pizza boxes. Doc Thompson, morning talk show host on 700 WLW, pointed out what appeared to be gender bias against men by officials in the support collection agency, noting there were no women featured on the poster. Thompson also noted no women had appeared on the poster for the last several years and asked ACFC to comment on this apparent bias. ACFC does not support these and other government ‘shaming’ tactics. You can hear the interview at this link.  Scroll to the 8:45 minute mark to hear the interview.

Earlier this week Massachusetts Governor Patrick Duval signed into law a bill which reforms the state’s draconian alimony laws. The folks at Mass Alimony Reform have been working for several years to change Massachusetts alimony system. Massachusetts laws allowed for lifetime alimony even in the case of very short term marriages.

Also this week news outlets also reported the final nail in the coffin for Florida’s pay-or-appear program. Pay-or-appear required child support obligors who had not paid their support by Wednesday to show up in court on Friday. If they could not pay on Friday, they were locked-up. Florida attorney and divorced dad Sam Assini challenged the constitutionality of this practice and the program was temporarily halted. This week the program was permanently ended.

Attorney Sam Assini provided this commentary to ACFC on the Turner v. Rogers Supreme Court decision rendered earlier this year concerning the incarceration of indigent child support obligors. Full of good information, it’s well worth the read.

Enjoy your weekend.