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Dear Michael;

Efforts to promote Shared Parenting and improve family law continue unabated. Here’s a recap of some recent activity.

Blue October Lobbying for Family Law Reform

Last Thursday at The Foundry in Phoenix, Az., art rock band Blue October reengaged their forty city U.S. tour in support of Shared Parenting and their new album ‘Any Man In America’ (AMIA). AMIA chronicles lead singer Justin Furstenfeld’s experiences in trying to remain a part of his daughter’s life through a contentious divorce. Check out the Any Man in America website and leave your thoughts.

Before the show Thursday night Justin joined ACFC’s Exec. Dir. Mike McCormick at the Arizona legislature to discuss Shared Parenting and the status of  several upcoming family law proposals with legislators. Pictured are Senator Sylvia Allen and Rep’s Brenda Barton and Chester Crandell with Justin and McCormick. Blue is also making ACFC’s Shared Parenting Facts and Fiction brochure, developed by former ACFC President Dr. Linda Nielsen, available at all their concerts.

You may recall that last year, working hand-in-hand with ACFC’s Arizona affiliate, Arizona Fathers Rights, and other supporters we passed legislation that called for parents time with their children to not only be frequent and continuing, but also meaningful and substantial. That legislation was passed as a lead in for more comprehensive family law reform measures to be introduced in the next session.

With our Arizona allies we also defeated a new child support guideline proposal called COBS. COBS would have resulted in multi-million dollar annual increases in child support transfer payments for Arizona parents. The monetization of child/parent relationships to fill state coffers needs to end. It’s blatantly apparent states are in the business of deriving income by requiring parents to pay ‘access fees’ in the form of excessive child support as a prerequisite to maintaining a relationship with our children.

For well over a decade ACFC, its affiliates, friends and supporters have been changing the face of family law around the nation. We appreciate your support for these efforts.

Recent Issue Related Media Appearances

ACFC continues to spread the word about needed family law and court reforms. This past Saturday ACFC’s McCormick was interviewed by leading conservative Phyllis Schlafly on her nationally syndicated radio program. For an hour parents from around the nation called in to comment on the disasters family courts are fostering in their communities and what we can do about them. Click here then scroll down to the September 10 podcast to hear the interview.

On Friday September 2, Dr. Laura Schlessinger had McCormick on her program for a rare live interview about the GUPI film and the damage family courts are inflicting on children and parents. If you have not seen GUPI yet, you should. Order your copy today and then order a second copy for your legislator.

Several months ago ACFC sponsored the ‘Save the Turnips’ campaign to draw attention to the plight of indigent child support obligors being incarcerated in debtor prisons. Today MSNBC ran a major story on this practice highlighting a lawsuit in Georgia. Visit Save the Turnips at www.facebook.com/savetheturnips. Leave your comments and while you’re there give the page a ‘like.’

Upcoming Showings of GUPI Film

There are several public showings of the GUPI filmed scheduled for later this week. Several radio interviews arranged by our Illinois affiliate, Illinois Fathers, provided the opportunity to promote an upcoming Thursday night screening of GUPI at the free library in Urbana, Illinois starting at 6:30 p.m. Visit the Illinois Fathers website for more information and plan to attend.

Our Minnesota affiliate, the Center for Parental Responsibility (CPR) is hosting two screenings of the film, one this Saturday, September 17th and the other a week later on September 24th. Contact CPR for more details.

We receive countless emails and phone calls requesting individual case assistance. It is impossible to answer even a fraction of them, however there is a significant amount of useful material on the ACFC website, please make use of it. You’ll find links to statutes, online law libraries and research papers containing valuable information. If you would like to become more personally involved in efforts to improve family law please fill out this form.

Thanks to all of you who fight for your relationship with your children and are working to change this destructive family law system. ACFC depends on your support to continue the efforts you read about in this newsletter. Please make a donation to help continue this critical work.

You can also help by forwarding this newsletter to your family and friends and reposting its content on your website blogs and facebook pages. For a direct URL to this message use this link.