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Dear Michael;

There has been a tremendous amount of positive activity around shared parenting these last several weeks on multiple fronts, awareness of the issues continues to rise.

Blue October

In a recent newsletter we announced the collaboration between platinum selling modern rock band Blue October and ACFC to promote Shared Parenting. Blue’s newest album ‘Any Man in America’ chronicles lead singer’s Justin Furstenfeld’s experiences with family court and his struggle to remain a part of his daughter’s life. On August 18th the band kicked off its 40 city tour in Dallas, Texas with two sold out performances at the House of Blues. Justin has given numerous interviews where he discussed children’s need for both parents and family law reform.

Earlier this week Blue October launched a new website in support of Shared Parenting. Check it out, there is a great feature which lets you upload a photo message to your kids. Share the site with your friends and family members and encourage them to upload their message. Note how many kids want more time with their dads.

‘Any Man in America’ debuted last week at number 8 on the billboard list of 200 hottest albums. This is a phenomenal debut for an album from an independent label. It speaks to the depth of the message and how it’s resonating with listeners. Blue will be touring in the U.S. this month and next then heading to Europe toward year end. We applaud and thank them for promoting Shared Parenting. Check out their website and catch a show.


‘Guilty Until Proven Innocent’ continues to impact viewers. Over the last thirty days twenty media interviews have been conducted around the country in conjunction with the film. To get an idea of the kind of interviews that are taking place listen to this one that was broadcast several days ago on the Mike McConnell show carried by WGN radio out of Chicago. Move the slider to the midpoint to hear the interview. We discussed the film and shared parenting extensively, with a focus on the future of family law. We would like to continue promoting the documentary, each time we talk about it public awareness increases. We need your financial support to be able to continue these public relations efforts. Please use this link and help support our advertising awareness programs. Your gift of any amount helps.

You can also help these efforts by purchasing copies of the film and distributing them to your legislators. It’s one of the most effective ways to raise their awareness of the issues fathers face in family courts. You can find out who your state and federal legislators are at this link on the ACFC homepage. Copies of the film are available at www.gupifilm.com


A Note to Texas Readers

Our Texas affiliates worked hard in support of a paternity fraud bill that passed the legislature this year and is now in effect. SB 785 gives men one year from the date they discover they may not be the father of their children to contest a child support order. IMPORTANTLY, right now the law is providing a two year window for any father who believes they are not the biological father of the child regardless of when they discovered they might not be the biological father. After September 2013 the window narrows. We applaud the Texas legislature for addressing this obvious injustice. If you suspect this might be your situation act now.

Thanks to all of you who are working to improve family law.