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Dear Michael;

Several opportunities opened up this week to discuss family law reform. On Tuesday morning we discussed the Ohio child support class action lawsuit on WWVA 1170, a 50,000 watt station from Wheeling, WV. WWVA's coverage area includes significant portions of West Virginia, Ohio and Pennsylvania.

Later in the afternoon 700 WLW from Cincinnati dedicated about 45 minutes to the case, carrying a 10 minute interview then airing listener comments and stories for another half hour. The phone lines were still jammed when the station moved onto another story. WLW is the broadcast home of the Cincinnati Reds, its signal reaches a number of states.

There was time to discuss the suit and the ‘Save the Turnips’ campaign in the first interview. Both interviews were announced prior to airing on the ‘Save the Turnip’ facebook page. If you haven’t been there and ‘liked’ the page yet please visit and send your friends there also. www.facebook.com/savetheturnips/

You can listen to the broadcasts at these links.


The interview at the link below starts at the 4:45 minute mark. Prior to the interview there's an interesting discussion of just who cleans up the sunflower seeds in the Red's dugout after the game.


Parental Alienation Event

If you’re in the Chicago area this weekend, our friends at Parental Alienation Awareness Organization are hosting an event on Saturday featuring several well known individuals.

Chicago Judge, Michele Lowrance, is a strong shared parenting supporter and believes in maximizing the involvement of parents and children in each others’ lives. Over the past 4 years over 400 cases have come before her court and all of them have settled. Her unique approach to custody issues is causing many to take notice.

Judge Lowrance was a child of divorce and has also been divorced. She is the author of an excellent book titled ‘The Good Karma Divorce.’ She believes children deserve a strong relationship with both parents and the current approach to family law can be significantly improved.

Dr. Michael Bone is a recognized authority on Parental Alienation with over 25 years experience in the field. He provides practical advice for parents dealing with alienation issues. He work has been widely published. Click here for the brochure on this event.


The big news out of California this week is Arnold’s love child. What do we make of this situation? It doesn’t appear to us to be much different than CarlLaBove’s experience several months ago, also in the county of Los Angeles. Let’s see, the guy’s wife has an affair with Arnold, but her husband at the time is named on the birth certificate. They separate shortly after the child’s birth, but unlike Carl, at this point we don’t think he’s being sued for child support. However if he were, under Ca. law he’d be on the hook for support even though Arnold is the dad. At this point Arnold has no legal tie to the child he fathered since under California’s presumption of paternity statute a child born to the marriage is considered of the marriage. And too, there’s that little issue of being limited to the first two years of a child’s life to challenge paternity.

So, not unlike Carl’s case, we know who the bio dad is, and bio dad will have no legal or financial obligation for the child. In Carl’s the judge said “Sorry Carl, social policy trumps biology,” leaving Carl with a $198,000 child support arrearage for a child that is not his and with whom he had no relationship for many years.

Hmmm…has the child’s legal dad just been “LaBoved?” Or “Arnolded?” One thing is certain, California law needs some serious overhauling in the paternity area. This bill out of Michigan is a start, it's time to get a handle on paternity fraud.

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