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                            May 15, 2013


In This Issue:

Leading Women for Shared Parenting

Child Custody Data Information Project

Shared Parenting Update

Shared Parenting Wheel

Prominent Women Call for Equally Shared Parenting


On May 10, 2013 a group of prominent women unveiled a new organization calling for equally shared parenting as the guiding principle in family law policy and statutes. 


Leading Women for Shared Parenting debuted with an impressive list of supporters.  From writers, to researchers to legislators and numerous female attorneys, the organization is demonstrating shared parenting is supported across multiple sectors of society. 


The group's initial public effort centers on an electronic campaign to endorse a broad policy statement supporting Shared Parenting.  LW4SP anticipates thousands of women will show their support for shared parenting by electronically signing the online statement. 


Prior to its public launch, 19 women from LW4SP sent a group letter to Florida Governor Rick Scott urging him to sign the bill on his desk containing shared parenting language.


Support the efforts of LW4SP.  Urge the women in your life to go to the LW4SP website and endorse the statement.  Forward this newsletter to additional women you know and ask them to take action as well. 


When our elected officials and courts see men and women acting together on this issue change will come quickly. 


An Opportunity to Participate in a National Child Custody Data Information Project.


Project lead Ashley Chelonis, MPP, MS writes and invites your participation:


"Want to do something about custody injustice? Will you help the ACFC with a national study? We are working to gather custody data from all 50 states to illuminate the disparity in custody at the national level. We need volunteers to simply send and track letters requesting data from your state. Please contact ACFC immediately to volunteer with this project."


Over two dozen volunteers have recently begun work on this project.  Ideally there will be at least one volunteer from each state working the project.  Your time commitment  is less than three hours per month.  Project results will be instrumental in raising awareness of family law issues.  All materials are provided and experienced project coordinators are always available to answer questions.  If you'd like to participate send an email to ACFC's Mike McCormick


Shared Parenting Update 


By now most people have heard Governor Rick Scott of Florida vetoed Florida's alimony reform bill which also contained equally shared parenting language. 


On a positive note, the state of Arkansas took a significant step toward shared parenting when Governor Beebe signed Act 1156.  1156 contains this relevant language regarding custody: 


"...As used in this section, "joint custody" means the approximate and reasonable equal division of time with the child by both parents individually as agreed to by the parents or as ordered by the court..."


The Shared Parenting Wheel


Here's a Leading Women for Shared Parenting hub and spoke illustration of issues stemming from a lack of Shared Parenting.  We'd add child support and domestic violence as spokes also.  



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Family Law Thought for the Day:


"Never give in. Never give in. Never, never, never, never—in nothing, great or small, large or petty —never give in, except to convictions of honour and good sense. Never yield to force. Never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy."


       - Sir Winston Churchill





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