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Fathers Day Celebration Over at 'Save the Turnips'
Tell Your Friends, No Reservation Needed

Dear Michael;

Celebrating Fathers Day

What: Join us for a Fathers Day celebration this Sunday. 'Save the Turnips' is hosting a virtual party on Fathers Day for Dads and the people who love them. The party starts with the roll out of our new ‘Save the Turnips’ website Sunday morning. That day the site is dedicated to honoring fathers. So stop by and visit with other fathers in the chat room, check out several new videos, send in your own videos and photos, play some games and blog away. Share your favorite dad stories, share your opinions or just hang out and see what others have to say.

Where: Over at 'Save the Turnips' www.savetheturnips.com The site goes live Sunday morning.

When: Starts 10:00 a.m. CST til 8:00 p.m.

Who'll Be There: People just like you. The day’s highlight will be an interactive blog talk radio show from 2 – 4 p.m. Central Standard Time. Save the Turnips campaign director Marti Ryan will be interviewing comedian Carl LaBove. Carl will share some laughs and insights on retaining your sense of humor, and self, while navigating the family courts. In March of this year Carl provided one DNA test which conclusively showed he was not the father of the child he’s been ordered to support. He then produced a second set of DNA results proving the actual lineage of the child. The judge said, too bad, you’re still on the hook for the money. Right now the tab is pushing $200,000.

Also stopping by in the 2 -4 time slot will be Craig Schelske, ex husband of country singer Sara Evans. Craig has been in court recently attempting to gain additional time with his children.

We're also looking forward to talking with Justin Furstenfeld, lead singer of the platinum album selling group 'Blue October.' The band is releasing an album this August titled "Any American Male" which chronicles Justin's several year custody battle to remain a part of his daughter's life. Listen to the title track here.

Whether you’re with your kids or not this Sunday, you’re valued. Come and spend some time with fathers from around the country.

Save the Turnips is a program designed to draw attention to the tens of thousands of parents, overwhelmingly dads, who are in debtor prisons around the nation for the crime of being poor and unable to pay child support. The road to perpetual serfdom for most began with a meritless order separating them from their children.

In the News

ACFC has been bringing the Shared Parenting message to communities around the nation this week through various interviews. Below are several recent interviews with ACFC’s Mike McCormick. Your feedback let’s these stations know listeners are interested in the subject. Leave your comments.

On Monday afternoon Sloanie and Tracy from AM 700 WLW talked paternity issues, the courts, shared parenting and child support. The interview starts at the 4:15 mark of the second hour. This station is home of the Cincinnati Reds and broadcast into four states.

Last Wednesday CBS Community Affairs Radio Host Jeff Davis posted this interview on the family courts. The show will broadcast on KFRG 95.1 FM radio this coming Sunday in San Bernadino, California and surrounding communities. Several other Southern California stations in the CBS family are also carrying the broadcast.

This coming Sunday classic rock station 105.9 FM The Edge, along with several additional ABC radio affiliates in the Washington, DC area, will carry Thomas Grooms interview with Mike McCormick on his Spectrum show.

Earlier this morning Mike Romigh discussed family law on WKBN 570 AM out of Youngstown, Ohio. No link to the show just yet.

Good things are happening all over the nation, stay tuned. Have a great Fathers Day. Forward and repost this message to your friends and family members, invite them to stop by and stay awhile.