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Updates and Call to Action


Dear Michael;

Following up on our last newsletter, there are several important actions taking place today and later this week where your participation will make a difference. Now is a great time to be involved. Several items need action today, please take action. Help further spread this information by reposting this email to your websites, blogs and facebook pages. Thanks, working together we make a difference.

Today in West Virginia the State Supreme Court is hearing oral arguments in a case brought and won by Men and Women Against Discrimination against the operating entity representing West Virginia's domestic violence services administrators and operators. Judge Stuckey found the state's domestic violence services administrators are operating in an unconstitutional and discriminatory manner both with respect to service provision and in the competitve process of awarding grants. The judge noted the current organization of state programs had a 'chilling effect' on free speech. We'll keep you informed once the decision is rendered. Our original post about the case can be read here.

New Hampshire Commission on the Status of Men fate to be determined today. (Immediate Action Item)

As reported by Paul Clements: "The State of New Hampshire was the first in the nation, and still the only state, to create a COMMISSION ON THE STATUS OF MEN. The commission has been operating without funding since it's inception. Now, feminists are proposing to scrap the commission "to save the state money". But the state doesn't SPEND any money on this commission. True, they will be scrapping the women's commission as well, but that commission has been operating for over 30 years with full funding from the state.

A number of legislators are sponsoring a bill to KEEP the men's commission operating. It would help ALL of us, if the committee hearing the bill, Children's and Family Law Committee, were to receive a lot of support from all over the country for HB 380. Simple email them at: ~HouseExecutiveDepartmentsandAdministration@leg.state.nh.us, and voice your opinion.
Let them know you're concerned about this commission.

Thank you from all Granite State fathers."

You can read the 2010 Commission report here.

Springfield, Illinois Press Conference at the Capitol, Thursday, February 10th. (You're Invited, Please Attend)

This Thursday at 9:30 a.m. in the Capitol Rotunda, Illinois Fathers and Parental Alienation Awareness Organization will be holding a press conference bringing attention to the Steve Watkins Memorial Bill. This is visitation interference legislation that has secured sponsorship in the House and Senate. Your attendance and participation at the press conference will bring attention to this critical issue. Essentially the bill places visitation interference on par with non-payment of child support in terms of noncompliance seriousness.

Shared Parenting Bill Filed in Minnesota. (Action Needed Today)

As reported in our last newsletter, House File (HF322), Minnesota's Shared Parenting Bill has been filed. If you live in Minnesota it's time to contact your legislators, by phone, in person and email, encouraging them to support this bill. THERE WILL BE A COMMITTEE HEARING TONIGHT, CONTACT YOUR LEGISLATOR TODAY. You can find Minnesota state legislator contact information by entering your zipcode here. The bill can be read here.

Click here to read an article in yesterday's paper from Molly Olson about the bill and children's need for both parents. The article posted last night, however the hearing is this evening.

We'll bring you more news soon. We appreciate your efforts and support. Please forward this information to your websites, blogs and facebook pages. In the meantime, become involved, these are your elected officials, let them hear from you.


Mike McCormick