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Dear Michael;

We want to bring your attention to this breaking and developing story. A component of our efforts to reform child support includes working on laws which affect men who are paying child support for non-biologically related children. Comedian Carl LaBove is one of those men. Carl was best friend and opening act for legendary comic Sam Kinison. Yesterday in Los Angeles, Carl filed papers calling for his release from over $188,000 in child support arrears and obligations for a child that newly released DNA testing proves is not Carl's, but Sam Kinison's.

At this point the story is gaining national attention with over 200 media outlets currently carrying the news.

You can read the ACFC press release on this case here.

Read the story that is being carried by news outlets around the nation here.

If you have media contacts that would be interested in an interview with Carl, please have them email our media coordinator, Jane Spies at jspies@acfc.org.

Those of you who attended ACFC's Family Law Reform Conference in 2006 will remember Carl's compelling story. Carl told his story at the conference. The interview can be seen here. Scroll down the page to the first set of interviews after the keynote addresses and click on the Carl LaBove link.

There are several things you can do to help. First leave your comments on the story at news sites currently carrying the story. Let them know of your child support experiences. Secondly, forward this email to your friends, your facebook pages and to other bloggers and websites. Lastly, please help support these and other ongoing system changing efforts like this by making a contribution.

There is a tremendous amount of Shared Parenting activity taking place in legislatures around the country, we'll provide an update shortly.

Thanks for your support and involvement.

Mike McCormick