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Enhanced Website Released
'Any Man in America' Opens Strong
Turnips Radio and Video

Dear Michael;

We're pleased to announce the launch of ACFC’s updated website. The information and features you’ve enjoyed in the past are still here, along with some new material. We are particularly looking forward to utilizing the new window on the home page to bring you updated information on a regular basis. Check back regularly for news, action, events and alerts. We’ll bring articles and commentary from numerous sources on all kinds of Shared Parenting and family law related topics. Whether your interests are divorce, child custody, child support, domestic violence, legislation, false allegations or other related issues, check back regularly, you will find new information here on a regular basis.

Let us know what's going on in your community, send news items and stories to info@acfc.org

Here are a couple of items of interest.

Modern rock band Blue October releases their new album, ‘Any Man in America’ today. The album chronicles band founder and lead singer, Justin Furstenfeld's, divorce and ensuing child custody battle. Blue October is teaming up with ACFC to promote Shared Parenting and family law reform on their 40 city tour which begins tomorrow in Dallas, Texas at the House of Blues. Check out the Blue October website and collaboration press release.

Save the Turnips is a campaign drawing attention to child support issues and the plight of indigent child support obligors who have been locked up in debtor prisons for no crime other than being too poor to pay child support. On June 20th the United States Supreme Court rendered its decision in Turner v. Rogers. The case surrounded the issue of whether indigent child support payers should be provided legal counsel prior to incarceration. Florida attorney Sam Assini joined Marti Ryan, Save the Turnips program director, to discuss this decision during July's 'Save the Turnips' blog talk radio broadcast. Go to the 37:15 minute mark to hear the interview. The analysis is revealing.

Also, check out Marti’s interview with comedian Carl Labove at one of his recent shows in Tennessee. Carl owes over $200,000 in back support for a child DNA has demonstrated is not his. You’ll identify with the comments of a number of people on the video.