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Art Rock Band Blue October and ACFC Team to Spread
Shared Parenting Message Nationally

Dear Michael;

We are pleased to announce the platinum CD selling band Blue October and ACFC are teaming up to promote Shared Parenting. This coming Monday, August 16th, Blue October will be releasing their latest CD/album titled ‘Any Man in America’ (AMIA). Lead singer and band founder Justin Furstenfeld has recent experience with the family courts. The band’s new release chronicles those experiences, the pain and emotions felt as a man sees his relationship with his spouse and child being permanently altered.

Blue is supporting the release with a nationwide 40 city tour kicking off in Dallas, August 17th. During recent interviews Justin has been promoting the need for overhauling the court system and implementing shared parenting laws which assure both parents remain fully engaged in the lives of their children. In a recent conversation with ACFC’s Mike McCormick Justin echoed the frustration of many fathers when they are told the ‘best’ deal they can get for time with their children is ‘standard’ visitation.

We are pleased to be involved with Blue October in the ongoing mission to reform family law and improve court outcomes for children and their parents. Here is the press release announcing the collaboration. The track, ‘The Feel Again (Stay)’ can be heard here. We’ll be communicating more about the collaboration soon.

Guilty Until Proven Innocent (GUPI) Documentary Gaining Momentum

After a successful premier in Washington DC July 26th, Guilty Until Proven Innocent continues making inroads. Film maker Janks Morton and ACFC’s Mike McCormick were interviewed last week on The Rob Schilling Show, go to the 19:35 mark to hear the discussion. Another positive review of the movie was published by Steve Berlack, Founder of the STRIVE program and a former BET show host. A number of additional interviews are coming up over the next few weeks. If you haven’t seen the movie yet, you should. No punches were pulled in demonstrating exactly what Fathers experience as traverse the family courts. Thanks to everyone who commented on the Washington Post review.

Your Senators and Representatives are home from Washington, DC for the summer recess. One of the best ways to help now is to order the movie, call your legislators office, schedule an appointment, go there and hand deliver the copy to him or her. Don’t know where their office is? You can find it at this link. Wondering what to say once you get there? Don’t worry about that, just tell them this film tells the story of what happened to you and millions of other Fathers in family court, please watch it. You can order a copy of GUPI here. This is something each person can do, don’t think someone else will. Optimally, numerous people will swing by the legislator’s office and leave a copy. Let them know these issues matter to the community.

Another way you can help get this message out is to stop by your local library and request the library go to www.gupifilm.com and purchase a copy for patron viewing.

Plans are developing to bring film screenings to a number of communities. If you would like to know more, please email jspies@acfc.org.

Thanks to all of you who are working to improve family law.