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House Passes Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) Bill Heads to President


Washington, DC - Following passage in the U.S. Senate two weeks ago, the House of Representatives passed the Senate version of VAWA (S.47) last Thursday, February 28, by a vote of 286-138.


ACFC calls on domestic violence service providers to act on statements from Senator Leahy and AG Holder calling for inclusiveness. Their comments can be reasonably concluded to mean male victims of domestic violence should also receive services. As President O'Bama noted:


"...Renewing this bill is an important step towards making sure NO ONE in America is forced to live in fear..." (emphasis added)


ACFC thanks Republican members of the House who voted against this bill, recognizing a number of serious concerns remain. Alicia Powe provided this commentary on those concerns in Townhall yesterday.


ACFC's judiciary committee statement on VAWA is located here.


Jeff Chafin Wins US Supreme Court Case

Washington, DC - U.S. Army Explosive Ordinance Device technician and 1st Sargeant Jeff Chafin won his United States Supreme Court case last week. Chafin has been involved in a nasty international child custody case for the past three years. He's been attempting to recover his American citizen daughter after she was returned to Scotland under the Hague Convention on child custody.


Chafin's been embroiled in a custody dispute with his ex-wife for several years. Mrs. Chafin was deported from the United States in 2011 after being taken into custody during a domestic violence incident. She had also been arrested several times for public intoxication and for assaulting a police officer.


After deportation the couple's child lived exclusively with Jeff for nearly a year in Alabama. Jeff's ex sought custody in a foreign court under the Hague Convention. A U.S. district court judge ruled the child's country of habitual residence was the United Kingdom and ordered her returned to Mrs. Chafin immediately.


For more on this story and what took place at the Supreme Court click here...


Meet Illinois Fathers

ACFC delivers the shared parenting and family law improvement messages through a network of affiliated organizations. This month focuses on Illinois Fathers.

The foundations of Illinois Fathers were laid nearly seven years ago in the Champaign-Urbanna area of Illinois. At that time a couple of Illinois Fathers approached ACFC to sponsor a billboard drawing attention to local family court problems. From that early effort, media coverage and several meetings hosted and arranged by Robert Ferrar and John Bambineck on the campus of the University of Illinois, Illinois Fathers was born.

Illinois Fathers formally came into existence in 2008. Early Board of Directors included: Ian Mitchell, Richard Thomas, Tim Brown and General Parker. Today Illinois Fathers has several hundred members and is a vibrant, effective organization responsible for enacting several laws benefiting children, fathers and non-custodial parents. Most notably in 2012 they successfully facilitated passage of the Steve Watkins Memorial Act providing judges additional tools to sanction parents who deliberately interfere with the other parent's access to their children.


For years Illinois Fathers has held a "Fatherless Day" rally at the state capitol in Springfield. They have had extraordinary success in attracting media attention to the plight of children denied a full relationship with dad. Visit Illinois Fathers and join them in their ongoing efforts to improve family law.

Happy Birthday Abe Lincoln

Grand Rapids, MI - February 12 was Abe's birthday. Shared Parenting advocate and family law attorney Mike Haskell reflected on Lincoln's advice to attorneys and their responsibilities in this piece. Happy Birthday Abe.





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Each year approximately 1.1 million kids experience their parents' divorce in the family courts.


Every time you sit through the standard two minute red light at a traffic signal another six kids lose a parent in court. Five of those six kids lose their dad.






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