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E-Newsletter Archive

Below is a collection of ACFC's email communications to our members and supporters over a number of years.  There is a significant amount of information in these emails which you may find of interest...

2013 Newsletter Links

5.29.2013 - Right of First Refusal, Shared Parenting Hearings, Researcher SP Support

5.15.2013 - Announcing Leading Women for Shared Parenting, Child Custody Volunteer Project, SP updates, Shared Parenting Wheel.

4.18.2013 - Tactics of opponents to shared parenting discussed.  Articles on alimony reform and false abuse allegations on college campuses.

4.5.2013 -  Highlights include shared parenting legislative updates, various press articles on shared parenting and child support and reporting on the suspension of WV family court judge William Watkins III.

3.13.2013 -  This newsletter highlights the work of Massachusetts father Terry Brennan.  Terry's work over several months has yielded voluminous information on the operations of the Massachusetts Probate and Family Courts.  His collection exposes a plethora of dsyfunctions, including little accountiblity, mass incarcerations of males, no regulatory oversight and a number of other alarming problems.

3.6.2013 - Coverage of the Violence Against Women Act, Jeff Chafin's Supreme Court victory and a feature on Illinois Fathers.

2011  Newsletter Links

9.30.2011 - This newsletter carries information on recent Blue October appearances in Denver, Colorado and Minneapolis, Minnesota with photo's of presentations on Shared Parenting.  Also included are links to child support articles and interviews regarding cessation of the pay or appear program in Florida and Ohio's use of wanted posters on child support collections.  Also included is a link to commentary from attorney Sam Assini on child support contempt in cases where the obligor has no ability to pay.

9.20.2011 - Coverage in this newsletter includes video of Senator Jim Kastama of Washington supporting shared parenting at Blue October concert in Seattle.  Also included is an article on a forthcoming shared parenting bill in South Carolina and comments on the Craig Schelske/Sara Evans ongoing custody case.

9.13.2011 - Phyllis Schlafly interviews ACFC Exec. Dir. Mike McCormick on family court mayhem.  Coverage of meetings with Arizona legislators.  Coverage of Georgia class action lawsuit regarding child support and debtor prison.

9.1.2011 - New Texas paternity law.  Interview with WGN Chicago's Mike McConnell on 'Guilty Until Proven Innocent' documentary.  Announcement of Blue October new 'Any Man in America' website.

8.16.2011 - Save the Turnips campaign interviews.  The child support incarceration case of Turner v. Rogers.

8.10.2011 - Announcing ACFC and Blue October Shared Parenting collaboration

7.28.2011 - 'Guilty Until Proven Innocent' documentary premiers in Washington, DC.

7.7.2011 - "Guilty Until Proven Innocent' to premier July 26th at The Avalon Theater in Washington, DC

6.18.2011 - Father's Day get together

5.30.2011 - Remembering Memorial Day

5.24.2011 - Research You Can Use, Celebrity Divorces

5.19.2011 - Goings On

5.10.2011 - Massive Class Action Lawsuit Filed - Save the Turnips

3.31.2011 - Upcoming Conferences, Moving Legislation, Action Alert

2.28.2011 - Vote on Shared Parenting bill in South Dakota

2.18.2011 - I'm Not the Father - Comedian Carl LaBove paternity fraud case

2.8.2011 - Updates and Action Items

1.27.2011 - Shared Parenting Taking Flight Around the Nation