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May 22, 2012 – Vigil to Support Governor Signing Minnesota HF322

HF322, legislation that would provide a baseline presumption of 35% time sharing for both parents in the event of divorce passed the Senate and House in Minnesota on May 10, 2012.  Governor Mark Dayton had two weeks to sign the bill.  As of today he has not.  If he does not sign the bill by tomorrow night the legislation will die.  HF322 is the only bill from this session he has not yet signed.   For background on the situation click here to read a previous email from Molly Olson of the Center for Parental Responsibility.

Vigil on Thursday May 24 at the Capitol

Supporters of the bill will be holding a vigil on Thursday until Governor Dayton either signs the bill into law or does not.  The vigil will begin at 8:00 a.m. and run until midnight Thursday.  We urge everyone who possibly can to come out and participate in this action.  This is important enough to take a day off of work.  Grandparents, aunts, uncles, siblings, anyone who has lost a relationship with a child as a result of the family courts should be there.  Click here for a message from Molly Olson with details on the vigil.   

We received this email today from TB in Minnesota describing some of the scare tactics being used by opponents of the bill to convince Governor Dayton to “pocket veto” the bill:

OPEN LETTER to Governor Dayton Subject URGENT HF322

Dear Governor Dayton

I'm writing to you with an important message regarding HF322. It's come to my attention that opponents of this bill are falsely claiming that the first section of HF322 would have an impact on Temporary Restraining Orders, thereby placing women and children in harms way. This is a FALSE and MISLEADING claim by them. Kathy Pontius, Lead Counsel for these issues in Senate Research, addressed this issue when raised by Senator Marty during the May 2nd, 2012 Senate Judiciary and Public Safety Hearing - see Starting at 41:35 in the following Video link: mms://stream2.video.state.mn.us/Senate/cmte_jud_050212.wmv  Senator Latz must have also received this same misleading information because he parroted this same (false) claim to the entire Senate during the floor debate. Kathy drafted the language of the bill and is the expert on this subject. Please don't give credibility to letters you've received from people who've been deceived on this issue by the very people who are supposed to be working to protect them. I simply want you to know the TRUTH in making your decision on this very important legislation that will benefit the children of Minnesota.
Thank you.

For more information on this legisation see an earlier posting here.

This battle is coming down to the wire friends, participate any way you can.

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