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Women as Emerging Voices for Equally Shared Parenting

As efforts to improve outcomes for families have developed over the years there have been numerous attempts to assign labels to those working on behalf of Shared Parenting.  Special interest groups, particularly those which gain financially by maintaining the current system, often try to characterize work by advocates of family law reform as “fathers’ rightsters” or “mad dads” or some other moniker designed to dismiss men who have limited access to their children as disgruntled, sore losers. 

At ACFC, we have another name for men who are working to reform a broken family law system in order to provide children a full relationship with both parents – Heroes.  Child advocates.  Preservers and protectors of family.  And most importantly, Fathers.

Men however, are not working alone in these efforts.  There have been many women throughout the years who've raised their voices in support for Shared Parenting.  And now, they are emering as a united front, adding their distinct message to calls for improving family law.  We are pleased to spotlight a new organization called Leading Women for Shared Parenting.  Show your support for their effort, visit their website and give them a like on their facebook page.  Invite the women in your life to sign to endorse their shared parenting statement.

The recent passage of shared parenting legislation in Arkansas, supported with the votes of 21 female legislators, demonstrates women know denying children a full relationship with their fathers is wrong.  As greater numbers of women join in calling for equally shared parenting, the presently dysfunctional system of family law will be dismantled.  Welcome, Leading Women for Shared Parenting.

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