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July 16, 2012 - Judicial Compensation and False Allegations of Abuse - The incredible costs to you. 

Have you ever wondered how judges are compensated and just how much the abuse of domestic violence laws cost citizens from a dollars and cents perspective?  Read on for more information on each subject and then become concerned as you see what government is planning for divorcing families over the course of the next few years.  It will alarm you.

Jeff Golden, a long time New Jersey family law activist and leader of Father and Child Equality, recently forwarded an updated version of his 2011 commentary on New Jersey judges pay.  Jeff points out the salaries of many state employees are tied directly to the pay of state and family court judges.  Click here to read his comments.

On June 30, 2012 SAVE Services hosted a False Allegations Summit in Washington, DC.  SAVE has done tremendous work on the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) reauthorization this year.  At this moment VAWA is stalled, with different versions having passed the Senate and House.  There are technical deficiencies in the Senate version needing correction before the legislation moves forward.   

Returning to the False Allegations Summit, there were a number of great presentations, ranging from dealing with child protective service organizations to initiating legislative changes.   ACFC Executive Director Mike McCormick gave the keynote address, providing a look at what government is planning for families experiencing divorce or unmarried parentage.  Click here to access the presentation slideshow. 

One concern is the move to expand the mission of the child support enforcement agency into the establishment of parenting time (visitation) orders.  Also  concerning is mandated ‘screening ‘of custody cases for domestic violence, such screening being provided under the direction of domestic violence agencies.   This move represents the federalization of child custody, an area traditionally reserved to state courts.  Given government’s expressed desire to spend hundreds of millions of dollars expanding supervised visitation and access centers we can only imagine those centers will be filled with fathers required to pay fees to see their children. 

Given the influence of a domestic violence community that perceives  DV as a uniquely male-on-female problem and given that upwards of 90% of child support payers in many states are men, there is legitimate concern the establishment of programming regarding child access through domestic violence and child support agencies will result in greater harm to father/child relationships.

It’s tragic to see Fatherhood in America being sacrificed to gender based ideologies at a moment in time when most Fathers want nothing more than to be equal partners in raising their children.  Imagine your son getting divorced ten, fifteen or twenty years from now – will he be ‘visiting’ his children in a ‘center’ and paying to do so?  Will you as a grandparent ever see your grandchild?

Get active, this train needs to be stopped before it gets further out of the station.

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Derek Syphrett

I have supervised visitation, because I took my son to the doctor without my wifes consent, bc my 3 yr old son complained that his maternal grandmother and mother were lying to him about the day my son saw the grandmother assault me. My wife says, they weren't lying to my son. When interviewed by a doctor my son validated my concerns to the doctor.

Judge punished me for being right, by ordering supervised visitation.

Meanwhile my wife chose doctors and preschools without,my consent... No, sabrina for her. Even though I am a joint legal custodian.

August 8, 2012, 12:51 PM
NC Fathers

I envision a day when the Domestic Violence industry and child support enforcement industry team up in an effort to prevent the shared parenting movement from coming to fruition by allowing more and more false allegation to proceed to conviction so that fathers who may get shared parenting can't because the have a DV flag.

October 1, 2012, 10:05 PM
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