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January 5, 2012 - From the Huffington Post today comes this great article by Ken Solin on the importance of equal parenting for fathers after divorce.  Despite progress in some areas, some of the most important things remain the same: fathers are presumed to be the LESS-capable parent and are frequently denied the fundamental right to be an equal parent after separation or divorce. The tide continues to turn in the direction of equally shared parenting.  Let’s keep working to reform these family law systems that are destroying relationships and tearing the social fabric of our nation.

On another note the folks at Florida Alimony Reform are doing a great job raising awareness about a bill in the legislature that would reform the practice of awarding lifetime alimony.  In this age of no fault divorce, lifetime alimony is a 100 year holdover.  In fact, the practice of awarding lifetime alimony has contributed to the decline of marriage in our society.  How?  In many states alimony ends only at the death of the paying spouse or the remarriage of the receiving spouse.  Will many of those who left a marriage and started receiving a check be inclined to marry again and give up that check?  On the flip side how many of those writing a check actually marry their new love knowing the resources of the new love will be used to pay an ex?  Alimony should be transitional and rehabilitative.  With the commonness of divorce and property division laws being what they are today, permanent alimony should be rare. Check out this news story on the alimony situation in Florida, leave your comments and encourage the station to continue covering this issue.

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Dr. Leon Koziol

To influence meaningful reform, lawmakers and policymakers must know that these issues are real, that their own jobs are at stake, and in any event that their constituencies are impacted in diverse ways. A Founding Fathers March has been set for April 19, 2012 in Washington (vehicles with messages and rally on west lawn, Senate Park). There is also a lobbying initiative set for April 18th to carry over into the following day. Can you help or alert others to join efforts, details at Leon Koziol.com.

April 12, 2012, 5:16 PM
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