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April 16, 2012 – Shared Parenting Crosses Borders.   Child custody issues are receiving attention in both the United States and internationally.  As this article from Bermuda illustrates Shared Parenting is gaining momentum around the world.  There is a monumental struggle underway both here and abroad over how child custody law will be implemented for the next generation of children and families unfortunate enough to find themselves processed by family courts.

Fathers, their wives, grandmothers, grandfathers and other relatives are uniting and petitioning legislators for much needed family law changes.  Internationally there are active Shared Parenting movements in a number of nations.

In the Bermuda article a small mention is made of the group, Child Watch.  Child Watch was founded by father Ed Tavarres a number of years ago.  Ed is a dad who saw what the system there was doing to families and decided things needed to change.  For at least ten years now he’s been working to see those changes implemented.

Last summer, long time Shared Parenting proponent and Canadian Member of Parliament, Senator Ann Cools, hosted a national roundtable drawing attention to the need for massive revisions in Canadian family law.  MP Maurice Vellacott has offered legislation for several years.

In Israel, a nation notorious for removing fathers from the lives of their children in divorce situations, men and women have been urging the Knesset insistently for the last several years to address these problems.

Dads from down under were instrumental in gaining significant improvements in Australian custody laws in 2006.  Now those laws are under severe attack and fathers, along with those who love them, are once again working incredibly hard to retain for children their access to both parents in the event of divorce.

In the UK, several groups successfully debunked the recent Norgrove Report that recommended there be NO statutory protections for fathers’ relationships with their children in the event of divorce.  And no one can deny the unparalleled attention brought to these issues by the ‘in your face’ activism of Fathers for Justice.

If you’ve been reading this page for any period of time you know what’s been going on here in America to support the movement toward Shared Parenting.  Movements take time to yield results, the signs of progress are everywhere and becoming more prevalent each day.  Progress continues we all remain engaged.

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