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Who we are

ACFC is lead by individuals with extensive and varied depth of experience.
Each brings a wealth of practical knowlege and dedication to Shared Parenting and Family Law Reform. There are a number of noteworthy women involved with ACFC who believe, as most Americans do, that family law reform is not a male or female issue - it is simply a matter of recognizing that the best interest of children, and society, is served when we implement laws and policies acknowledging "Children Need Both Parents."


Board of Directors & Officers

David A. Roberts, Chairman - is a founding director of ACFC. Mr. Roberts is responsible to the Board of Directors for achievement of ACFC objectives in accordance with policy, as established by the Corporate Organizational 2000-organization manual, which he wrote for ACFC. This manual is based on 17 years of experience as a consultant on quality assurance and project management for defense and aerospace contractors.

Mr. Roberts previously owned and operated his own precision machine tool job shop, Roberts Machine Tool, which specialized in critical quality items for the Navy's Level 1-subsafe program, and the nuclear power industry. He brings a rigorous "zero-defects" quality assurance philosophy to the management team of ACFC.

Mr. Roberts was involved as a lobbyist on the state level in Maryland for Fathers United. He was instrumental in temporarily defeating some of the worst anti-family legislation coming from Washington. It was this experience that convinced Mr. Roberts of the need for a new national organization founded on solid business principles. His experiences led him to found ACFC, an organization with a positive and mainstream message about the need to re-involve fathers in their children's lives.

Mr. Roberts is also a published author and contributor of dozens of quality assurance, military history and strategy articles for small magazines ranging from Tooling and Production, to The General. An expert chess player, he has also published or contributed to several military history simulation gamed by The Avalon Hill Company. In 1971 he won every "wargame" tournament on the East Coast before retiring from this field. Mr. Roberts brings a wealth of strategic developmental knowledge, as well as business experience, to ACFC management.

Stephen J. Walker, is a constitutional consultant to the walker_piclegal community. Over the past 20 years he has authored numerous legal briefs involving constitutional arguments relavent to family law issues in multiple state and federal forums including the United States Supreme Court. His entrepreneurial and business background is in land development and construction.

He is the Vice Chairman of ACFC and the Editor at Large of ACFC’s quarterly newspaper, The Liberator. He is also the co-producer and co-host of the TV program entitled “Families and Children Really Matter”. The program airs on public and government/educational access TV. He is the former co-producer and co-host of the TV program entitled “Families in Transition” with more than 300 1/2 hour programs produced.

Walker is the former Executive Director of the New York State Coalition for Presumptive Shared Parenting. He is the former Co- Director of the ON Step Institute for Mental Health Research, located in Manhattan NY. He is the former Director of Human Resources for NOM ( National Organization for Men). Mr. Walker has appeared on numerous television and radio programs. He is a frequent lecturer in the field of domestic relations law.





Michael McCormick joined the ACFC board in 1998. His professional background developed in the financial services industry, working with nonprofit organizations in the area of corporate and member development, as well as community relationship building. McCormick acted as the primary spokesman for ACFC during the Elian Gonzalez situation. He has been interviewed extensively by the media regarding shared parenting.

McCormick authored shared parenting bills and initiatives have been introduced in several states. He provides legislative testimony and has presented at multiple public policy and professional association gatherings. His commentary has been carried in numerous national publications.








James Semerad has studied family and children’s issues for more than 14 years following the research work of the Department of Health and Human Services, Heritage Foundation, American Psychological Association, and leading university programs on social work. He participated in the introduction and review of family law and Shared Parenting legislation and served on Legislative committees.

He has testified and spoken on numerous occasions to the legal and judicial community, Legislators, and community service organizations on issues ranging from children best interests, domestic violence, support, divorce, and custody. He is Chairman of DADS of Michigan Political Action Committee (PAC). Mr. Semerad works as an Information Technology Consultant and supported VisionIT, Hewlett Packard, and EDS helping fortune 200 companies leverage technology and supply chain management, globally.


He is a Commander in the Naval Reserve and lead programs on Family Readiness and Domestic Violence Awareness. Mr. Semerad completed a Bachelors of Science degree and MBA from Louisiana Tech University. Visit http://www.dadsofmichigan.org/ for more information.







Dr. Stephen Baskerville,- Dr. Baskerville joined ACFC in January of 2004 while employed byDr. Stephen Baskerville Howard University as a political science professor. He is internationally known for insightful commentary on the dismal state of family courts in America and the obstacles faced by fathers attempting to remain a significant part of their children's lives after divorce.

Among the numerous publications in which Dr. Baskerville's articles and commentary have appeared are the Washington Post, Washington Times, Insight Magazine, Human Events, The Boston Globe, Reason, National Review, and the Journal of Political Science. Additionally, he has appeared on a number of national television shows including Fox New's O'Reilly Factor, Hardball with Chris Matthews, and Court TV. Dr. Baskerville served as ACFC President from 2004 - 2007. For more on Stephen Baskerville visit his website at http://www.stephenbaskerville.net/.







John G. Maguire, - Mr. Maguire comes to ACFC with an extensive background in journalism and media relations. In addition to being a Pulitzer Prize nominated author, John has held media related positions with Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami and Tufts Medical School. John directed the science journalism program at Boston University. Additionally, he has experience as a reporter with several major daily newspapers.











Ileana Basil is a founding director of ACFC, and Treasurer of the ACFC Board of Directors. As a committed second wife who had not previously been involved in these issues, Ileana now knows the problems of divorced fathers first-hand. Ileana brings rigorous financial expertise to ACFC developed through her years of business experience as project manager, corporate treasurer and director of a large international conglomerate. She also has served as financial advisor and director for a number of other organizations. A true 'First Lady' of Shared Parenting, Ileana passed away August 24, 2006.